Wolfgang Plagge:
Liknarbraut, opus 102

Ensemble 96 (choir SATB)
2L  (www.2L.no) 2L9

* * * * *   [5 out of 5]

It is rare to find a disc of modern repertoire where all three constituent elements (the composition itself, the performance and the production) conspire to produce a work of amalgamated excellence.

The anonymous 13-th century Norse Liknarbraut, detailing Christ's crucifixion, is set to perpetually shifting music, concurrently dramatic and mesmerising, by Plagge (b.1960). Under the masterful direction of Fevang, Ensemble 96 (spawned as a contemporary chamber group from the Philharmonic Chamber Choir of Oslo) performs with sumptuous warmth and clarity.

Reviewed by Choir & Organ May 2003.

May / June 2003