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The Norwegian group ”FLUKT” (soaring) lends Music wings.

The players literally radiate true musicianship, an energetic intensity and a spirit of sorts, which gives the listener a hard time sitting still. Their Music resembles a good game of chess, where elements of surprise and unconventional imaginative abilities beat the conventional and sturdy. The inspirational sources are many; Scandinavian as well as Gaelic folk Music, religious tunes and specially written compositions form a vital and living totality with a strong and personal identity. Enjoy this soaring musical experience and fly over familiar and unknown lands!

1 Flukt
Dedicated to Flukt by Ronny Kjøsen while he was playing in the group.

2 Melvin
Springleik, a typical Norwegian dance, once played by Melvin Tronsgård
from Folldal, in Central Norway.

3 Flisa
Halling, a Norwegian “showing off” dance, written by Sturla Eide.
This tune is dedicated to all the halling dancers who have kicked the
splinters down from the rafters to impress the girls and take the rivals
down a peg or two.

4 Lisa
A ballad written by Sturla Eide, dedicated to his daughter Lisa.

5 Det er nu tid at vaage
A hymn from Rennebu, arranged by Ronny Kjøsen.

6 Polarispols
Very few musicians have been inspired by snow scooters. This tune had
inspiration from driving snow scooters on Svalbard. By Ronny Kjøsen.

7 Bryllupstoner i Selbu kirke
This wedding march was composed in occation of Øivind's own wedding
in 2001

8 Reel-potpurri
Throughout the history there have been strong connections between 
Norway and the British Islands. Musicians have inspired each other,
and influenced Flukt as well. By Sturla Eide / Traditional tunes.

9 Merethes vise
This beautiful ballad is written by Ronny Kjøsen, dedicated to
his wife Merethe.

10 Dagen viger
A hymn from Rennebu. The same tune with three different melody lines
and arrangements. Arranged by Ronny Kjøsen.

11 Spelemannsbryllup
Bridal March written by Sturla. The tune was played at both Sturla’s
and Øivind’s weddings in 2001.

12 Gammelhaskjin
A pols dance from Todalen in Nordmøre, Western Norway.

13 Bygnaden
A polska, a Swedish dance, widely known both as a tune and for the 
story behind. Envy between a carpenter and a swedish fiddler named
Bysskalle resulted in a bet which the fiddler won by a wide margin.

14 Nestekjærleik
Lyrics by Arnt Skjerve and music written by Heidi Skjerve.

Sturla Eide fiddle and Hardanger fiddle
Born in 1975 in Orkdal in Sør-Trøndelag County, Central Norway. He started playing fiddle very early and attended his first folk music competition at the age of 8. In 1999 he qualified to the highest level in national competitions. Sturla has an intermediate music degree from the University of Trondheim. His artist CV shows both national and international performances. He has represented Norway in Paris and at the Euromusica Festival in Hungary. Sturla is recognized as a versatile and open-minded musician, which has led to close co-operation with jazz-, classical- and rock musicians in addition to the basis of folk music and dance music constellations. Sturla teaches at the Department of Musicology at the University of Trondheim besides working as a freelance musician.

Øivind Farmen accordion
Born in 1972 in Tjølling in Vestfold County, Southern Norway. He is educated at Barratt Due Institute of Music with the highest possible scores on his main instrument accordion and in the Chamber Music final exam.
Øivind plays a variety of music styles and has worked with a number of well-known musicians and composers. In his carrier as a concert soloist he has given concerts with Trondheim  and Kristiansand Symphony Orchestras and The Royal Norwegian Navy Band. Øivind has won prestigious  international music contests and he has given concerts in many countries. He also has a background from playing old time music and dance music.  He is frequently used as a studio and theater musician.

Sondre Meisfjord double bass
Born in 1977 in Oslo. He grew up in Frei in Møre og Romsdal County, Western Norway. He is educated at the  jazz section at Trondheim Conservatory of Music. In addition, he has music as his intermediate subject from the University of Oslo.
Sondre is one of the most sought-after bass players in Norway and the list of performances and collaborating  partners is long and various.  He has released a CD with the group ”Come Shine” and ”Jon Pål Inderberg and the Zetting”. In 2001 he played with Pat Metheny in Trondheim Jazz Orchestra at the Jazz Festival in Molde. He has attended most of the major jazz festivals in Norway. Besides he has had numerous jobs at theaters, studio recordings and given concerts with many groups and musicians.

FLUKT management
Hustad Promotion
Box 4804
N-7426 Trondheim

Kjetil Hustad
cellphone +47 901 98 902
fax +47 850 31 914


Guest Musicians

Heidi Skjerve vocal
... from Rennebu in Sør-Trøndelag. She is now a graduate after four års studier ved jazzlinja ved Musikkonservatoriet i Trondheim. Gjorde utveksling ved Kungliga Musikhögskolan i Stockholm høsten 2001. Er å regne som “up-and coming” innen den nye generasjonen improvisasjonssangere, og har allerede sunget med flere store navn innen jazzmiljøet, bl.a. John Pål Inderberg, Vigleik Storås, Bjørn Alterhaug, Ståle Storløkken, Tor Yttredal, Mattias Windemo og Trondheim Jazzorkester under ledelse av Birger Schulsbruck. Heidi Skjerve kvartett, som spiller akustisk vokaljazz med utgangspunkt i egne låter og “standards”, deltar i “finalen” i årets “Jazzintro”.
Erlend Skomsvoll harmonium
... is known by Norwegians as an arranger/composer as much as a piano player. Throughout the years he he has developed a rhythmically and melodically very distinct style, which has made him today's hottest arranger when Norwegian pop and jazz artists go symphonic. At the Molde International Jazz Festival in July 2000, Skomsvoll arranged and conducted a successful concert of Chick Corea's music with big band "Trondheim Jazz Orchestra", featuring Chick Corea himself as soloist. Corea had given Skomsvoll a free hand with the music, and was so surprised and delighted by the result that he later went on a 2001-tour of Norway with Skomsvoll and the band. Skomsvoll managed to match his own success when he carried out a similar project with Pat Metheny in Molde the following summer.
In COME SHINE Skomsvoll's piano playing is inspired by Count Basie, Keith Jarrett and Bill Evans.

Flukt would like to extend special thanks to the following persons for their help and contribution
Ronny Kjøsen for tunes and music arrangements and an essential contribution to Flukt’s progress. The Norwegian Concert Institute (Rikskonsertene) and Ketil Hustad for giving a strong bid for Flukt as a project.
Heidi Skjerve for tunes and excellent musical contribution on the CD. Erlend Skomsvoll for being the King of the harmonium. Thomas Henriksen, engineering, for his very positive attitude, and for being objective, competent and humorous, Mark Cabot for his photo art, Jørn Adde for portraits and Ann Helen Brøndbo Foosnæs for UK-translation. Morten Lindberg and Lindberg Lyd AS for professional mixing and mastering, graphic design and for simply believing in this CD project.

Instrument specifications Øivind Farmen
Zero Sette B32c convertor, Zero Sette B30 junior and Zero Sette B29 musette. Thanks to Hornaas Musikk AS  for perfect collaboration.

Instrument specifications Sturla Eide
Zeta acoustic pro, an electric/acoustic fiddle. Ordinary fiddle by Arnulf Langfjell. The Hardanger Fiddle is made by Kjetil Rinde i 1985.