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Concertos & Fairytales

Concertos & Fairytales
Trombone Concertos by Wolfgang Plagge, Egil Hovland, Magne Amdahl and Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

"I found! I found!" says Askeladden, the hero of countless Norwegian folk tales as he picks up numerous strange and seemingly worthless objects from the road, objects everybody else would go by without noticing. Askeladden possesses this uncanny creative intuition which outwits any sinister force, and helps him in his quest to achieve his aims - most frequently being marrying the Princess and ruling half the Kingdom. The Askeladden creativity has been the underlying power source when one of Norway’s most prominent trombonists, PK Svensen, gives away four Norwegian treats for trombone and orchestra.

PK Svensen og Malmö Symfoniorkester | 2L35SACD

Hybrid Super Audio-CD 5.1 SURROUND + STEREO

The trombone is a sonorous, mind-boggling and graphic musical instrument perfectly suited for solo performances in concert. In spite of its long and distinguished career – trombones were already in frequent use in Venice throughout the 16th century – the contemporary trombone repertoire has been somewhat lacking in quantity. That is why outstanding virtuosos have been of immense importance for getting new works written for the instrument: In Mozart’s lifetimes the famous player Thomas Gschladt inspired several composers to write for the trombone, as did Mendelssohn’s favourite bass trombone player Karl Traugott Queisser, two generations later. PK (Per Kristian) Svensen, therefore, stands in a brilliant tradition as he himself also has been encouraging composers to focus on the trombone as a solo performance instrument. Two of the works presented on this disc have been written for him.

Aurora Quartett | 2L37SACD

Hybrid Super Audio-CD 5.1 SURROUND + STEREO

These recordings continue a great tradition: beginning in the music circles of the aristocracy and in the concert life of the 19th century, music for 4 pianists has been highly popular. It is well known that Chopin and Liszt used to perform together with colleagues music for eight hands, as they did, for example, in 1838 in Rouen playing such a transcription of Beethoven's 8th symphony. Since that time, numerous ambitious and brilliant original compositions for four pianists have been created of which the Norwegian works by Bjørn Kruse, Trygve Madsen and Wolfgang Plagge are among the most outstanding.

The Aurora Quartett is a renowned international ensemble of pianists that is dedicated especially to the performance of music for four pianists and with this CD makes its debut with 2L. AURORA is Apostolos Palios, Julia Severus, Alexander Vitlin and Alina Luschtschizkaja.

MOZART violin concertos Marianne Thorsen and TrondheimSolistene | 2L38SACDMOZART
MOZART has rapidly been accepted as a new reference in High Fidelity. The reviewers at state: "The listener is placed in such a way to not only hear, but feel the presence of the players around you. The balance is quite remarkable and "life-like" and gives you the feeling of being there. The musicians understand Mozart beautifully, and the recording quality is I believe quite the best there is in the world at this moment."


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In competition with recordings from all over the world the disc Immortal NYSTEDT (2L29SACD) by chamber choir Ensemble 96 has been nominated for two GRAMMY awards for 2006. Conductor Øystein Fevang and Ensemble 96 have been nominated in the category for Best Choral Performance, and producer and engineers Morten Lindberg and Hans Peter L'Orange have been nominated in the category for Best Surround Sound Album

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Norwegian CD among the best in the world
- nominated for two GRAMMY awards