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October 2007
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Stone Rose CDOla Gjeilo - Stone Rose

This reflective, tuneful album is a collection of beautiful piano music written and performed by Ola Gjeilo. His music is a blend of jazz, classical and popular music influences, married in a unique and passionate style. The evocative melodies and harmonies of Stone Rose are sure to captivate listeners from the first hearing.

Many of the tracks are expressions of Ola's deep love for New York City, where he lives and maintains his highly successful career as a composer and pianist. Also featured on the album are elite American and Norwegian musicians Johannes Martens (cello), Tom Barber (flugelhorn) and David Coucheron (violin).

Stone Rose is Ola's first solo album, eagerly awaited across the world by audiences who have fallen in love with his expressive compositions and serenely beautiful playing.

Hybrid Super Audio-CD 5.1 SURROUND + STEREO. Plays lays on all standard players and computers. Produced by the GRAMMY-nominated Lindberg Lyd at Sofienberg church in Oslo, Norway.


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OLA GJEILO - In conversation with Michael Adams

- Some of the tracks on the album have names that bring us to New York. Was this city an inspiration for you while writing the music?

Yes, definitely. I love New York with all my heart. It’s almost like a person to me, it has a very strong identity and soul. The first track on the album, Snow In New York, is a depiction of that dream-like calm I feel whenever I wake up and it snows in the City. Other tunes, like North Country, The Line, The Hudson, Serenity and April are also inspired by New York, while Michelle, Roxbury Park, January and Sienna are concerned with my experiences living in LA in 2006/2007. Roxbury Park is a small community park right next to where I used to live in Beverly Hills. That park meant so much to me, as a place I could walk around freely without having to drive anywhere, which is a rare thing in LA. That’s why this, to me, is the most joyous and care-free piece on the album. I think those two cities complement each other well; they are incredibly different and both have so many wonderful qualities.

- The album overall; to me it comes over as very reflective and with an emphasis on calmness and warmth. Was this a conscious choice?

Not really. I mean, that just seems to be the kind of music that comes out of me these days. I have always liked contemplative piano music though, especially from masters like Keith Jarrett. But I think I just wanted to write music that was friendly and communicative, from the very intimate to the more emotional and rhythmic. And I think it’s a nice way to start out - this being my first solo album.

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Ola Gjeilo

Gratis 2L-sampler 2007

Inspired by the positive attention 2L has received from AUDIOTECHNIQUE in Hong Kong and GRAMOPHONE in China, we have now compiled a full-track sampler from our catalog.

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