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November 2008
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Bellezza Crudel (2L56SACD)

Bellezza Crudel - VIVALDI

18th century Venice; where Hollywood meets Las Vegas; where the jet-set of Europe could conceal their identities behind masks and hurl themselves into the fake world of commedia dell'arte. Bellezza Crudel is a small selection of delightful cantatas and concertos. Vivaldi's world is one of heartfelt, musical intensity, confirming the Venetians' adoration of theatrical beauty.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Cantate RV 679, 660, 664, 678 / Concerti RV 484, 441:

Tone Wik (soprano), Barokkanerne (period instruments orchestra),
Per Hannisdal (bassoon), Alexandra Opsahl (recorder)

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eBook  BELLEZZA CRUDEL (2L56SACD)Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was buried on July 28th 1741 in a pauper's grave in Vienna. Although he had been a famous musician, receiving commissions from courts throughout Europe, and his music had been transcribed and copied far and wide, he died a poor man in a foreign country. Both Vivaldi and his music were soon forgotten. It was only in the late 1920s that he was rediscovered. His music library was uncovered in two private collections, and was sold to Biblioteca Nazionale di Torino. This rediscovery laid the foundation for his astonishing revival. In Vivaldi's time, Venice was a place of cruel beauty; its glamorous exterior concealing a hard and brutal reality. The Republic had long lost its leading position both politically and economically. The decay and decadence were epitomised by the notorious state-run casino and the carnival celebrations, where masks could be worn and one could live incognito. In this environment of ritualised sensuality, Vivaldi experienced ever-increasing success for himself and for his innovative compositions, and soon he was fêted far beyond the borders of Venice. However, towards the end of the 1730s, his good fortune changed and his musical career imploded. Was this due to the fact that he was no longer in favour with the taste of the time? Or due to allegations about an unseemly relationship with the prima donna Anna Girò? Was he irascible, or was Vivaldi simply no longer newsworthy in a world dominated by superficial dandies? The reasons for Vivaldi's sudden departure, selling his compositions and moving to Vienna, will probably remain a mystery. However, "il prete rosso", as he was known, and his now popular music will continue to delight new and existing audiences and performers worldwide. Vivaldi's importance as a composer of vocal music has only recently been recognised. His concertos have, in their many variations, dominated with an outpouring of recordings and performances. The increasing interest in his vocal music is resulting in a new and exciting repertoire, which sets his instrumental music in a wider context.

Dolcissimo SospiroIn 2003, Tone Wik's first solo CD, Dolcissimo Sospiro (2L19CD) of Italian music from the early 17th century and the contemporary piece Rinuccini by Ron Ford, was critically acclaimed in the international press:
- Her clean pitch allows for delightful wonderfully agile and accurate runs. (Metropolitan Opera News, USA)
- She is really terrific in the light, fast lilting numbers […] (BBC Music Magazine, England)
- the CD is from its beginning to its end a feast for the ears, thanks to Tone Wik, with a voice that makes you melt away. (de Volkskrant, Netherlands)


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TrondheimSolistene - DIVERTIMENTI

Editor’s Choice GRAMOPHONE November 2008 Gramophone - November 2008

"The sound is spectacular in whatever format you choose but the jump to Blu-ray is, as in vision, a leap forward. None of which would matter were the performances not also uniformly excellent: This is a superbly alive performance of the Britten Simple Symphony, making it sound a much more ambitiouswork than usual. A demonstration recording!"

DIVERTIMENTI - TrondheimSolistene

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International release in January 2009. Available in selected web shops by December 12th 2008.
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Ellen Sejersted Bødtker - music by Magnar Åm
Hildegunn Riise / Oslo Kammersolister / Grex Vocalis

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