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January 2009
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Ellen Sejersted Bødtker harp
- music by Magnar Åm

SONaR - A celestial sonic world of harps, strings and angels ...
Composed and performed specially for the surround sound format.

Magnar Åm's music was a powerful experience. It made a deep impression through the unique way in which the harp with its sonorous, fragile, naïve, gentle and dramatic qualities is used, providing a dimension that I had always looked for. The electric harp with all its effects carries on a dialogue with its acoustic counterpart, as if the new and the ancient world were melting together. Four years of intense collaboration has resulted in these three solo works for the harp. — Ellen Sejersted Bødtker

eBook  SONaR (2L51SABD)01  vere meininga – concerto for harp and strings
02  det var mjukt – for soprano and harp
03  dette blanke no – concerto for harp and angels

Ellen Sejersted Bødtker
Hildegunn Riise / Oslo Kammersolister / Grex Vocalis

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Hybrid SACD + music Blu-ray
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SONaR – is a sound signal sent out to create an echo from whatever it may encounter and thus reveal the unknown. I think we all send our symbolic sonars into physical and spiritual space, in a constant search for meaning. At least I do. And my life and music represent both this child’s sonars and the universe’s ever-unfolding answer. In my music I try to appeal to all aspects of listening, including perception of direction. The music must therefore not only respond to the question of what the sound is and when it occurs, but also the question of where it comes from. Sound is like a heavenly body moving through time and space. Concert halls, however, are constructed to concentrate sound in front of the listener, at best spreading out in stereo, and surround-sound systems at best present sound on a single plane around the listener. Nonetheless I often write for a three-dimensional space placing sound both above and below the audience, pending the arrival of concert halls and sound systems designed to produce three-dimensional sound. Through my work with electroacoustic installations I am aware that the spatial element contains a potential for powerful experiences which cannot be realized by means of a single surface of sound. The difference would be like seeing a character step out of the cinema screen and become a physical body. The music changes from being a phenomenon which appeals primarily to the mind and imagination to something which evokes a physical experience to a much greater degree. Music matters, as it brings to matter what is of no matter. — Magnar Åm

Hybrid Super Audio-CD 5.0 SURROUND + STEREOBlu-ray screen
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- 2.0 DSD (2.8224Mbit/s per kanal)
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- 2.0 LPCM 24BIT/96 kHz
- 5.0 LPCM 24BIT/96 kHz
- 5.0 DTS HD Master Audio 24BIT/96 kHz
Sony's PlayStation3 is fully compatible with this disc. Exclusive High Definition Music – video only for menu guide.

This Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc has been designed to offer two ways of operation, either with or without a TV screen: you can either navigate the on-screen POP-UP MENU or simply use the dedicated buttons of your remote control. The NUMERIC keys directly access the corresponding track number and the desired audio stream can be selected by the COLOURED keys on your remote. 5.0 DT S HD Master Audio is preselected. These functions are developed by msm-studios and Lindberg Lyd and anticipate what we expect to find in the future profile 3 for Blu-ray players.

Jan Fredrik Christiansen og Terje Winge Missa da Tromba
Missa da Tromba (2L52SACD)

The first town musician we know of by name in Norway was Peter Trompeter. He was a musician in official employment in Christiania (now Oslo) in the seventeenth century; in addition to his duties playing for dances he was also required to play from the church tower and participate in church services at major festivals. The tradition of combining brass instruments with organ is even older, however. The first works composed in Norway for organ and brass were by Ludvig Mathias Lindeman and Just Riddervold Lindeman and date from the mid nineteenth century. Trumpet and organ is a combination associated with festivals and celebrations; innumerable wedding couples have been accompanied along the aisle to Henry Purcell and Jeremiah Clarke’s Trumpet Tunes and Trumpet Voluntaries. Despite this long tradition, however, it is only in more recent years that Norwegian composers have found the inspiration to compose concert music for trumpet and organ. In addition to the fanfares and festive music we usually associate with hearing the trumpet in church, these composers have also explored the instrument’s potential for expressing a tender and meditative atmosphere

eBook  MISSA DA TROMBA (2L52SACD)Kjell Mørk Karlsen: Choralsonate nr. 3
Jon Laukvik: Lamento
Kjell Mørk Karlsen: Missa da Tromba
Ketil Vea: Sonate for trompet og orgel
Egil Hovland: Cantus X for trompet og orgel

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Hybrid Super Audio-CD 5.1 SURROUND + STEREO

Jan Fredrik Christiansen (1942) was born in Lebesby, Norway, and studied with Harry Kvebæk, William J. Overton (BBC Symphony Orchestra) and Adolph Herseth (Chicago Symphony Orchestra). He was appointed to a position in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in 1966 and was principal trumpeter from 1973 to 2007. Christiansen has performed under many conductors including Leopold Stokowski, Witold Lutoslawski, Zubin Mehta, Paul Kletski, Kirill Kondrasjin, Herbert Blomstedt and Andre Previn. Most important to him nonetheless were the twenty-three years under Mariss Jansons as principal conductor.

Terje Winge (b.1950) made his début recital in 1970. His repertoire ranges from early baroque to music of the present day. A particular area of interest for him lies in French romantic music and the modern French school, including the majority of Olivier Messiaen’s large scale organ works.


Morten LindbergLindberg Lyd: A new paradigm of fidelity 05.01.2009 by Christian Lysvåg

"A small production company in Norway is at the very forefront of a musical revolution. The surround sound recordings of Lindberg Lyd do not only transform the entire listening experience, more radically, the recording techniques that the firm has developed and perfected overturn some very basic concepts regarding how music is played and even composed. In February it will be decided whether Divertimenti, Lindberg Lyd’s latest masterpiece and the world’s first pure audio Blu-ray release, will take home any of the three Grammy awards the album is nominated for." Read the article from Music Information Centre Norway

TrondheimSolistene - DIVERTIMENTI


"The sound is spectacular in whatever format you choose but the jump to Blu-ray is, as in vision, a leap forward. None of which would matter were the performances not also uniformly excellent: This is a superbly alive performance of the Britten Simple Symphony, making it sound a much more ambitiouswork than usual. A demonstration recording!" (Editors Choice GRAMOPHONE)


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