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March 2009
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Dena Piano Duo

Enjoy this wonderful music for two pianos from two of history's greatest composers. Mozart was without a doubt one of Grieg's first and foremost musical inspirations. What is special about Grieg's adaptation of the Mozart Fantasia in C minor is that he has not reworked it in the traditional manner. Grieg's unusual achievement lies in the fact that he has retained Mozart's text unchanged, adding an entirely new part which is to be performed together with the original. When both parts are played, they interweave and become something entirely new. eBook MOZART/GRIEG vol II

The Mozart/Grieg Fantasia for two pianos in C minor is on this album surrounded by Mozart's famous Sonata in D for two pianos and Grieg's only original work for two pianos, the lesser known masterpiece Old Norwegian Melody with variations.

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Hybrid SACD + music Blu-ray
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Produced in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) by Lindberg Lyd, Oslo, Norway.

Dena Piano Duo consists of the Norwegian pianist Tina Margareta Nilssen and her former professor at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, Heide Görtz. Tina and Heide have found a genuine and deeply rooted contact through their visions of music. Dena Piano Duo (photo: CF-Wesenberg)The difference in age and nationality brings young freshness and wise experience together, creating an inspiring environment for their joint musicianship. In their performances they express the power and waves underlying music and sound. In 2007 the duo released their critically acclaimed recording of Grieg's Mozart arrangements, MOZART/GRIEG vol I (2L40SACD) .

Heide Görtz is since 1990 a professor of piano and piano teaching at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. She grew up in Hamburg, Germany, where she also studied with Conrad Hansen at the music academy. Heide has won several prizes in the Steinway competition and the prestigious "Jugend musiziert", and has taught at the music academies in Hamburg and Cologne. Through her many years of research on the physiological and neurological prerequisites of piano playing, Heide Görtz has developed the Goertz-Method; a piano technique leading to better sound, precision and musical flexibility.

Tina Margareta Nilssen plays concerts all over Europe and teaches students and professional pianists in the Goertz-Method. She grew up in Trondheim, Norway, where she studied at the music conservatory in 1996 with Jørgen Larsen. She subsequently went on to study with Professor Jiri Hlinka (Barratt Due Institute of Music, Oslo), Professor Heide Görtz (Universität der Künste, Berlin) and Professor Jens Harald Bratlie (Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo) where she completed her postgraduate performance degree in 2005.

The Nordic Sound (2L-RR1-SACD)

The Nordic Sound
- 2L audiophile reference recordings

From combined musical and audiophile criteria we have compiled the most excellent recordings 2L have to offer. Two of the albums presented in this collection was nominated for the American GRAMMY Awards "Best Surround Sound Album" and “Best Performance”. Discover what the unique Nordic Sound is all about!

Blu-ray is the first domestic format in history that unites theatre movies and music sound in equally high quality. The musical advantage of Blu-ray is the high resolution for audio, and the convenience for the audience as one single player will handle music, films, the DVD-collection and your old library of traditional CD. What we are seeing is a completely new conception of the musical experience. Recorded music is no longer a matter of a fixed two-dimensional setting, but rather a three-dimensional enveloping situation. eBook THE NORDIC SOUNDStereo can be described as a flat canvas, while surround sound is a sculpture that you can literally move around and relate to spatially; with surround you can move about in the aural space and choose angles, vantage points and positions.

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MUSICONLINE FLAC 24 BIT / 192 kHz artwork

Hybrid SACD + music Blu-ray
two-disc-box at the price of one ordinary Blu-ray

We prefer to record in spacious acoustic venues; large concert halls, churches and cathedrals. This is actually where we can make the most intimate recordings. The qualities we seek in large rooms are not necessarily a big reverb, but openness due to the absence of close reflecting walls. Making an ambient and beautiful recording is the way of least resistance. Searching the fine edge between direct contact and openness; that's the real challenge. A really good recording should be able to bodily move the listener.

Morten Lindberg, balance engineer and recording producerThis core quality of audio production is made by choosing the right venue for the repertoire, and balancing the image in the placement of microphones and musicians relative to each other in that venue. Planning and discussions with the musicians create trust and a sense of occasion and excitement that translates onto the recordings. What we insist upon in the recording phase is time. We usually spend from four to six days of recording on a 60-minutes repertoire. In credit of the musicians I need to say that this is not in need of getting the score right, but in order to bring forward the right mood and dimensions. At most projects the entire first day is spent bringing the dimensions down from a 1500-people hall to the proximity encountered on a home-visit to your living room. The challenge of this process is to get the volume down, keeping the intensity and energy up, without being intrusive.

There is no method available today to reproduce the exact perception of attending a live performance. That leaves us with the art of illusion when it comes to recording music. As recording engineers and producers we need to do exactly the same as any good musician; interpret the music and the composer's intentions and adapt to the media where we perform.

Hybrid Super Audio-CD 5.1 SURROUND + STEREO
- Ordinary CD (16 BIT / 44.1 kHz)
- 2.0 DSD (2.8224Mbit/s per kanal)
- 5.1 DSD (2.8224Mbit/s per kanal)
The hybrid SACD looks like a normal CD and plays on all standard players and computers.
Produced in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition – 24BIT/352.8kHz) by Lindberg Lyd, Oslo.

- 2.0 LPCM 24BIT/192 kHz
- 5.1 LPCM 24BIT/192 kHz
- 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio 24BIT/192 kHz
Sony's PlayStation3 is fully compatible with this disc. Exclusive High Definition Music – video only for menu guide.

This Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc has been designed to offer two ways of operation, either with or without a TV screen: you can either navigate the on-screen POP-UP MENU or simply use the dedicated buttons of your remote control. The NUMERIC keys directly access the corresponding track number and the desired audio stream can be selected by the COLOURED keys on your remote. 5.0 DT S HD Master Audio is preselected. These functions are developed by msm-studios and Lindberg Lyd and anticipate what we expect to find in the future profile 3 for Blu-ray players.


2L to be distributed by NAXOS of America and NAXOS Far East

Effective April 1st 2009 our label will be distributed in the USA and Canada by NAXOS of America, and in Hong Kong and China by NAXOS Far East.

Naxos of America, the Leader in Independent Classical Music Distribution in North America, is the exclusive American distributor for Naxos, Marco Polo, Naïve, Chandos, Michael Nyman Records, Dorian Sono Luminus, Tudor, Oehms, Concerto, cpo, Dacapo, CBC Records, Canary Classics, Capriccio, Phoenix Edition, Jazz Icons, Early-Music.com, ATMA, Azica, Navona, PentaTone, Profil, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Arthaus DVD, BBC/Opus Arte, TDK, EuroArts, Medici Arts and 2L. Naxos of America has two offices: a central headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee and a publicity office in New York City. 

Naxos Far East is covering the territories of HONG KONG, CHINA, TAIWAN, and SINGAPORE, representing the labels First Impression Music, Reference Recordings, Proprius, BIS, Harmonia Mundi, SDG, Ondine, Capriccio, BBC, Opus Arte, Arthaus, TDK, Euroarts, Bel Air and 2L. Naxos’ headquarters is in the Hong Kong SAR.

All titles from 2L will also be available at www.classicsonline.com and www.naxosmusiclibrary.com

TrondheimSolistene - DIVERTIMENTI


"The sound is spectacular in whatever format you choose but the jump to Blu-ray is, as in vision, a leap forward. None of which would matter were the performances not also uniformly excellent: This is a superbly alive performance of the Britten Simple Symphony, making it sound a much more ambitiouswork than usual. A demonstration recording!" (Editors Choice GRAMOPHONE)


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