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November 2009
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Schola Cantorum / Tone Bianca Dahl
with Nordic Voices and Are Sandbakken

What is the music of the Nordic light? Let yourself be transported to a new world of sound as the chamber choir Schola Cantorum and conductor Tone Bianca Dahl, with guest musicians Are Sandbakken and Nordic Voices, grant you an AUDIENCE. Hear one of Norway's leading choirs in premier recordings and modern classics.

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Stereo + 5.0 Hybrid SACDeBook AUDIENS
This compact disc looks like a normal CD and plays on all standard players and computers. Recorded in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition 352kHz/24bit).

Release Europe and Asia: November 6th 2009 (EAN 7041888514220)
Release USA: January 2010 (UPC 845829000608)

Schola Cantorum has through the last decade proved themselves to be one of the finest chamber choirs in Norway. The choir was founded by the composer and conductor Knut Nystedt in 1964, and has given valuable musical experience to generations of Norwegian musicians. Affiliated with the University of Oslo, Department of Musicology, the choir recruits most of their singers from this institution, and the Norwegian Academy of Music. The repertoire consists of a mix of contemporary and older choir music, as well as folk music arrangements. In recent years the choir has increasingly focused on commissioned works from young Nordic composers. In 2007 Schola Cantorum won the prestigious "Let the Peoples Sing" EBU-award.


Iver Kleive, organ

"The organ music is in a sense one of the main characters in the motion picture TROUBLED WATER. Possessing a distinct personality and playing a unique role the music interacts with the drama and influences the other characters. Working on the script brought me to Iver Kleive. His experience in church music and the influence of jazz was a perfect match for the characters. Recording Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water in Bergen Cathedral left a powerful and lasting impression on me." - Erik Poppe, director

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Stereo + 5.1 Hybrid SACDeBook deUSYNLIGE
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Release Europe and Asia: November 20th 2009 (EAN 7041888514725)
Release USA: January 2010 (UPC 845829000653)

Iver Kleive was born in Skien, Norway in 1949. He completed a degree in church music at the Oslo conservatoire in 1972 and from 1973-76 he studied at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Munich, where he took the "Solistenprüfung" as a solo performer on the organ. DeUSYNLIGE YouTubeHis choral background comes from the Münchener Bachchor, with conductor Karl Richter, where he sang tenor for three years. Iver Kleive gave his debut performance as organist in Oslo in 1978, and was pianist with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra for ten years. Additionally he played solo synthesizer with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra under conductor Mariss Jansons. Kleive describes himself as an improvising musician who likes to alternate between classical, pop, folk and jazz. Since 1972 he has to date contributed on some two hundred recordings as a session musician, composer and arranger. The organ and church music remain, however, his main instrument and musical fundament.

Download the unique radio-mix of Bridge Over Troubled Water as MP3 or Broadcast-quality WAV.

We have also made available a version in FLAC 96kHz/24bit on our TEST BENCH


Naxos to distribute 2L in Germany

Our teamwork with Naxos of America and Naxos Far East has proven highly successful. As of this November we are expanding our cooperation with Naxos Global Logistics and Naxos Deutschland: "Liebe Handelspartner, sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, die Klangqualität beim Abspielen von Musik hat sich in den letzten Jahren immer weiter verbessert; die Qualitätsansprüche, zumal bei Klassik-Hörern, sind mitgewachsen. Das norwegische Label 2L (Lindberg Lyd), das ab sofort von NAXOS vertrieben wird, bietet mit audiophilen Aufnahmen der Spitzenklasse Musikgenuss für höchste Ansprüche. Die 2L-Boxen im Newsletter dieser Woche enthalten jeweils eine Hybrid-SACD, die auf jedem CD-Player abspielbar ist sowie eine Pure Audio Blu-Ray-Disc, die man auf jedem Blu-ray Player abspielen kann. Entdecken Sie den einzigartigen Nordic Sound!" NAXOS DEUTSCHLAND Newsletter (PDF)

GRIEG Piano Concerto

Awarded MULTICHANNEL DISC OF THE MONTH by American Audiophile Audition.


Five star review in BBC Music Magazine: Rolf Gupta and the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra is left the rather tricky task of trying to accompany a pianist who died nearly fifty years ago. In this, they do a splendid job, following Grainger's fluid playing faultlessly so that the result sound natural.

GRIEG Piano Concerto - Percy Grainger / KSO / Gupta

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