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OLE BULL Violin Concertos (2L-067-SABD)

OLE BULL Violin Concertos
Annar Follesø
Norwegian Radio Orchestra / Ole Kristian Ruud

  • Sæterjentens Søndag (The Herdgirl's Sunday)
  • Concerto in A major *
  • Concerto Fantastico *
  • I Ensomme Stunde (La Melancolie)
  • La Verbena de San Juan *
  • Et Sæterbesøg (A Mountain Vision)


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Release Europe and Asia: March 15, 2010 (EAN 7041888514824)
Release USA and Canada: April 27, 2010 (UPC 845829000677)

Ole Bull (1810-1880) was an adventurer, violin virtuoso, composer and international star who brought the name of Norway to worldwide attention. Within music and drama he was a pioneer in the development of a national identity, and on the concert stage his fabulous playing skills and intense charisma won him the sobriquet "the Scandinavian Paganini".

Some of Ole Bull's most attractive tunes, as well as the rural potpourri Et Sæterbesøg have remained part of Norway's cultural heritage; on this recording they can be heard alongside his two virtuosic violin concertos and the fiery Spanish fantasia La Verbena de San Juan. The concertos and the fantasia were rediscovered only a few years ago, and this is the first recording ever made of these attractive works. The A major Concerto was written in Italy in 1834 and boasts everything one could ever dream of when it comes to attractive tunes and giddy virtuosity. No. 2, Concerto Fantastico, lives indisputably up to its name and confirms what Franz Liszt wrote in 1840: "He is a sort of savage’s genius, possessing an abundance of original, enchanting ideas. In brief, he has moved me; it is a long time since that has happened to me.”


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On behalf of the creative community at Positive Feedback Online,
and in recognition of signficant contributions to the audio arts in 2009,
this award is hereby presented to

2L for its exceptional series of
recordings on Blu-ray and SACD

in order to encourage further excellence in fine audio,
to the greater good of all who love it.

David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief / Dave Clark, Editor


GuangDong, China 2L - The Nordic Sound
awarded Hi-Fi Album of the year 2009 in China

The ceremony was held at Xinghai Concert Hall on 9th January, 2010

2L distributed in Hong Kong and China by NAXOS Far East


10 out of 10 points from David Vernier in Classics Today: This beautifully played and expertly engineered program, recorded at Norway's Bergen Cathedral, just may be the one organ disc that nearly everyone can enjoy and will even return to often ... Highly recommended!

GoodSound: This amazing album is like no other I’ve heard. Rather than categorizing it as movie music, let’s call it music from a movie ...
It may sound hokey on paper, but the way Kleive plays "Bridge over Troubled Water", the tune becomes an intense spiritual experience, creating almost unbearable tension and a cathartic release into stillness. The rest of the album runs the gamut
from classical to jazz and blues, with music that’s conciliatory, majestic, and reverential ...
The performances were all recorded at Bergen Cathedral, and the sound, which is rich, spacious, and detailed, is some Musical Performance Sound Quality Overall Enjoyment of the best of an organ you’ll ever hear.

Iver Kleive - deUSYNLIGE (Troubled Waters)

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We welcome Beatrice Johannessen to our production team

Beatrice will work with our venue recording unit. Her exploring mentality, quiet intensity and golden ear for details will contribute to further progress in our work with surround sound music.

Morten Jørn Wolfgang Beatrice
Beatrice Johannessen
recording engineer

Morten Lindberg
engineer / producer

Jørn Simenstad
producer / engineer
Wolfgang Plagge
Beatrice Lindberg
2L produced by Lindberg Lyd AS | Box 56 Bogerud | NO-0621 OSLO | NORWAY | +47 4815 2222 | music@2L.no