SACD produced by Lindberg Lyd AS
Published by 2L

Track 1 and 2: Bådn-låt and Lokk
from the album Edvard Grieg CHORAL MUSIC

performed by
GREX VOCALIS Carl Høgset / Magnus Staveland, tenor
20©07 musikkmerket 2L / Lindberg Lyd AS

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Edvard Grieg's vocal output is rich, wide-ranging - and heterogeneous. He seems to have felt equally at home in any kind of writing technique, his oeuvre consisting of anything from small children's songs and burlesque folkloristic compositions on anonymous texts to grand-scale religious works and dramatic song cycles based on poetic art by internationally outstanding Norwegian poets.

What really fascinates in this polychromatic world of songs and choral settings is the total lack of formal consistency between works within the same opus number – Grieg obviously didn't mind at all putting together songs of the most opposite aesthetic contents. One might even suspect he fancied this kind of formal pluralism, or that he in some cases just organized his songs in categories more based on score settings than on chronology and texture.

Planning a comprehensive CD recording of Edvard Grieg's choral music therefore calls for a great deal of programmatic consideration: should one perform the songs in their original order of appearance or present them assorted to genre? This recording does the latter, thus generating a dynamic vocal image of Grieg's compositional genius.

GREX VOCALIS conducted by Carl Høgset takes us on a journey to Grieg's musical treasures. With Magnus Staveland as tenor soloist we venture into the Heav'n with Four Hymns after having explored the joys and sorrows of life in Children's Songs and Album for Male Voices. En route we are also presented the evergreen songs Last Spring and Ave, Maris Stella.

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