CEROS-coverCEROS  Frøydis Ree Wekre | Lisa Ford | Jan-Olav Martinsen
Atle Sponberg violin |Tor Espen Aspaas piano
Wolfgang Plagge piano | Andrea Clearfield piano

Wolfgang Plagge  RAGA, MONOCEROS and SONATE nr. 4
Sigurd Berge  HORNTRIO
Trygve Madsen  TRIO for violin, horn and piano
Johan Kvandal  SALMETONE
Andrea Clearfield  INTO THE FALCON’S EYE

Label: 2L  |  Catalogue: 2L 25  |  EAN 7041888504924

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Frøydis Ree Wekre  – few instrumentalists have like her achieved to put Norway on the musical World map. Trough a long and distinguished career as one of the world’s leading horn players, as a professor and celebrated cultural personality; her work has been of tremendous value to the art of horn playing and its repertoire of contemporary music. Her distinctive tone and communicative abilities have captured audiences and composers all over the world, and numerous works have been written especially for her. Meet one of the world’s most charismatic musicians in cooperation with distinguished colleagues from the US and Europe, where the composers Plagge and Clearfield participate in the performance of their own works.

Why did I choose to play an instrument like the horn? Many have asked this question, myself included, since the horn was a rather unusual instrument for a woman at that time. As a teenager I was a capable violinist, very keen on chamber music. Still I experienced a strong attraction to this wind instrument with the “eternal” sound. My whole musical focus moved towards the horn, even though I did continue with the violin for another couple of years. Maybe it was the feeling of having my own voice in the orchestra? Maybe it was the joy of melting in equally well with strings, woodwinds and brass? In any case, my conversion to the horn turned into a performing and pedagogical adventure, which so far has lasted for over 40 years. My choice was triggered by the discovery of the huge expressional potential of the horn, and the challenges – for myself and for the students – of attempting to master this. For many years I have felt it to be an obligation – as well as a blessing – to help the growth of the literature for my fantastic instrument. Thus the title CEROS, which is the Greek word for HORN. In this recording I have chosen works of chamber musical nature, all composed during the last 25 years; with two exceptions they were either commissioned by or dedicated to me. The composers tell their stories in different ways and through a variety of instrumentations; musical diversity, variation and emotional content have been decisive elements for my choice of repertoire. Sound recordings are an important medium in our time, both for documentation and for helping the continued lives of newer works. This project is accomplished together with several great, sensitive and inspiring musicians. It is my hope that our musical energy will reach to the listeners.    Frøydis Ree Wekre 2005

Produced by Lindberg Lyd AS in Sofienberg church, Oslo, Norway
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