2L27 coverSigurd Lie  [1871-1904]
Terje Boye Hansen condctor  |  Frode Olsen bassbaritone  |  Terje Tønnesen violin

Symfoni i a-moll  |  Konsertstykke for fiolin og orkester  |  Wartburg
[Recorded in the gorgeous Kristiansand Cathedral by Lindberg Lyd AS]
Sigurd Lie
Sigurd Lie is best known for his gem of a song, Sne (Snow). But what of the rest of his output, does that merit attention? Indeed it does; Sigurd Lie’s music sounds fresh and highly original, a continuing enrichment of our musical world – when we are given the opportunity to hear it.

His musical palette is one of great variety. In the ”Wartburg” ballade he gives a colourful, captivating glimpse of the Middle Ages in Germany, and in the concert piece based on the folk tune ”Huldre aa’n Elland” he evokes a plaintive image of Norwegian nature where wild and sensitive qualities are expressed in the virtuoso violin playing.

It is certainly unfair to associate Lie’s work only with the cold of Sne! The zenith of Lie’s oeuvre, his Symphony in A minor, does certainly open in harsh ”viking” style, and the music is draped in frost mist, but then we hear the clarinet enter solo – enrapturing and tender as a mild, spring breeze – there can be no doubt that the snow is melting!

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