2L31SACD coverOver the Hills and Far Away

conducted by Bjørn Sagstad

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MARCHES — Cymbal crashes, screeching clarinets and harsh trombones. But a march comes in many colours — and not necessarily one to be marched to. With a colourful postcard from the East, Orient et Occident, signed Camille Saint-Saëns – wild and wonderful chaos in Charles Ives’ 1776 – a warm tribute to a valley in Norway with Johannes Hanssen’s Valdres March – a moving memorial to a dear friend in Edvard Grieg’s Funeral March – the source of sheer enjoyment like Percy Grainger’s Over the Hills and Far Away, this is vitamin C in musical form for children of all ages!

You can name all kinds of music, and of course there is much music in the world which is of interest — you can name some of the great canons, certainly they are interesting! But all other music is reduced to nothing compared with a good military march.

With these words the writer Agnar Mykle pays tribute to military music. Whether one agrees or not, it is impossible not to be swept away by Mykle’s enthusiasm – bracing marching rhythms played by a decent band are intoxication enough for anyone. And the writer’s words certainly bear witness to the cultural importance of military music – whether they are marches or any other kind of music.

The Norwegian Army disbanded the ensemble on December 31, 2002, and all the musician posts were transferred to the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra as of January 1, 2003. Under its new name Kristiansand Blåseensemble (“Kristiansand Wind Ensemble”), the band is now part of a unique orchestra model in Norway. Three main groups share activities: Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, Kristiansand Chamber Orchestra and Kristiansand Wind Ensemble.Bjørn Sagstad

We lack sensitivity here for everything except politics and

Edvard Grieg wrote those words to Percy Grainger in 1907, expressing his despair at the low standard of culture among Norwegians compared with the rest of the world. Has the situation improved? The question shall remain open – since Grieg’s time at least one Norwegian cultural tradition has developed, which other countries may envy us: the tradition of wind bands. Many of Norway’s leading talents received their first inspiration and training through the voluntary activities of school wind bands, and let it be oft repeated: the importance of this movement for Norway’s music life – at every level – must not be underestimated! The conductor Bjørn Sagstad too began his musical career in his local wind band.

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Label: 2L  /  Catalogue # 2L31SACD  /  e-book
Release: 2005 September 30
Format: Hybrid Super Audio-CD (multi-channel and stereo)
EAN: 7041888510727
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Over the Hills and Far Away
01 Marche Militaire Française (C. Saint-Saëns)
02 Children's March (P. Grainger)
03 Militärmarsch (R. Strauss)
04 March opus 99 (S. Prokofiev)
05 Marcia (C. M. von Weber)
06 Trauer-Marsch (F. Mendelssohn)
07 Commando March (S. Barber)
08 Orient et Occident (C. Saint-Saëns)
09 Ouverture & March "1776" (C. E. Ives)
10 Valdresmarsj (J. Hanssen)
11 Bojarenes inntogsmarsj (J. Halvorsen)
12 Grand March (O. Bull)
13 Sørgemarsj (E. Grieg)

Hybrid Super Audio-CD  5.1 SURROUND + STEREO
This compact disc looks like a normal CD and plays on all standard players and computers.