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  07. april 2006 20:17 +0200 GMT


Morten Lindberg started out as a classical balance engineer in 1992 and the expanding activity formalized in the foundation of Lindberg Lyd Ltd in the summer of 1996. We soon experienced highly skilled musicians and composers, with excellent ideas for a product, lacking the means for fulfilment. Upon this discovery we built our philosophy of an omnipotent concept offering complete services from thought to product, including retail distribution. Many are those artists who thru our services have established their own label of publishing.

On these experiences we have continuously built our resources and competence with a clear focus on quality. After ten years of stabile progress Lindberg Lyd Ltd is a well-established production company with four fulltime employees in the field of recording technique, music production and graphic design.


In the autumn of 2001 we decided to take an important step forward; from production initiated by external clients, into making our own products for direct distribution. The result is the identity of 2L. In nine months we have developed and produced nine items as displayed on this website. 2L represents our strong belief in a future of experience in moods, independent of the format of distribution.


The future of sound production is full of fascinating aspects and possibilities. Throughout the last couple of years, several new distribution formats have been developed, but we have just seen the early beginnings of this evolution. Likewise, the commercial utilisation of sound products has changed radically, and we can now see an orientation towards audiovisual solutions and multidimensional sound concepts, which has proven to be essential in order to keep up with the high demands in the market place. Traditional classical CD production has not been sufficiently aware of these changes and hence has not managed to match the new lines of development in technical, marketing and conceptual matters. This has had dramatic consequences; well-established and notable firms have struck problems and even disappeared from the musical market.

The policy of Lindberg Lyd AS has been to work systematically to achieve State of the Art competence within all the future formats of classical sound production. At present, Lindberg Lyd AS with its quality label 2L stands out as the single serious Norwegian alternative in a changing musical market. Lindberg Lyd AS has developed a highly competitive business model which favours flexibility in production and distribution, and all the employees are in possession the utmost in musical, technical and graphic competence.

Especially the quite extraordinary combination of sound, multimedia and graphic skills which is to be found in Lindberg Lyd AS is unique within the Nordic countries and this is exactly what will become the key factor to future success:

As both artist and consumer always will be looking for modern solutions in products, a company that can provide the wanted products will always be a winner. Further, the future classical artist will feel much less bound to musical genre and traditional technical solutions than the artist of today in stead qualitative demands will surge. Therefore, it will be of the highest importance to be able to offer musicians as well as consumers a concept that focuses on musical quality rather than musical genre. The future musician (as well as the audience!) will also be much less conservative in questions concerning non-traditional combinations of music and visual art in all these fields Lindberg Lyd AS is spear-heading the development.

We have to be prepared to meet any kind of future development; we must also prepare to meet professional opportunities and possibilities of a sort we cannot foresee today but most certainly will show up. This is why Lindberg Lyd AS, with its ideal blend of experience, know how and visions, is the realistic alternative for future music production in Norway.

Oslo, 10th of June 2002                                              
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Welcome to a voyage in an acoustic landscape with the contours of classical, contemporary, jazz, pop and folk music.
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