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Lindberg Lyd AS


  07. april 2006 20:17 +0200 GMT


How to obtain 2L products

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For private customers
Worldwide direct sale, with taxfree export to all countries
outside Norway, accepting all major credit cards.
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Buy the music as high quality downloads for your Windows Media PlayerNorwegian customers: 2L.MusikkOnline
International customers:
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Online search, rights clearing and download
The user interface is especially designed for audio-visual producers,
giving the user the ability to search on mood and genres. Once the user have defined the search, he/she can prelisten to the music (streaming), clear rights online, and eventually download broadcast production quality MP3's file for use in professional media and audio-visual production. To get access to the database the user needs a license agreement and a digital sertificate issued by Phonofile.

phone +47 2255 6200
/ fax +47 2327 1834  

How to represent 2L locally

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If you are a company considering a wholesale of our products,
please contact
for an individual offer.
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Musikkoperatørene AS

phone +47 23 31 01 20
fax +47 23 31 01 29


Welcome to a voyage in an acoustic landscapewith the contours of classical, contemporary, jazz, pop and folk music.
2L is the exclusive and registered trade mark of Lindberg Lyd AS NO 976559 029 MVA