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Karin Rehnqvist: When I close my eyes, I dream of peace

Schola Cantorum
Tone Bianca Sparre Dahl, conductor

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stereo + 5.0 surround
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5.0.4 Immersive Audio

Release date
December 2016
Recording date
October 2016
Uranienborg Church, Norway
Original source
DXD (352.8kHz/24bit)

Karin Rehnqvist: When I close my eyes, I dream of peace

Karin Rehnqvist calls When I close my eyes, I dream of peace her project for peace. The work's text consists of a single sentence, something an eleven-year old Croatian boy said during the war in the Balkans: "When I close my eyes, I dream of peace." The first section of the work is inspired by Swedish folk music, while in the second section this single sentence is sung in twelve different languages. On each occasion the melody is inspired by the musical traditions associated with the language in question. Rehnqvist's intention is that this work should express that fundamental desire in the hearts of most people – a dream of peace. This is not the first time Schola Cantorum has recorded music by Rehnqvist: her setting of Bara du går över markerna is on the album Audiens (2009).

9.0 Immersive Audio + 5.0 Surround + 2.0 stereo produced in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition 352.8kHz/24bit) by Lindberg Lyd, Norway

Karin Rehnqvist kaller stykket When I close my eyes, I dream of peace for sitt fredsprosjekt. Stykkets tekst består av en enkelt setning, sagt av en elleve år gammel kroatisk gutt under Balkankrigen: "Når jeg lukker øynene, drømmer jeg om fred". Stykkets første del er inspirert av svensk folkemusikk mens i stykkets andre del synges stykkets tekst på 12 ulike språk. Melodiene i stykket er inspirert av språkenes respektive musikktradisjoner. Rehnqvist ønsker med stykket å uttrykke det ønsket de fleste mennesker har - en drøm om fred. Schola Cantorum har også tidligere spilt inn musikk av Rehnqvist: Bara du går över markerna på platen Audiens (2009).

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